Ready for a Romp?

The majority of us have felt the burn for a while, but it is finally, for real, for real, officially summer as of June 21st! We always hear about "summer time fine" and whatnot, however, it intimidates the hayell out of the likes of most "common" folk. Summer means summer time attire bikinis, shorts, bare midriffs...shudder at the thought, right?! Well, bombshells, I would like to share a few style tips for an easy-peasy but chic go-to summer outfit. I am not the thinnest mint in the box (see, there's my inner gluttony girl rearing her hungry head), however, my tummy, breast and chocolate thunder-thigh 3 piece combo have yet to meet a romper they did not adore!

This convertible jumpsuit can be worn several different ways. It is liking getting 5 different looks for 1 price! Click the pic to visit Ross Unit, LLC for this is sure to please!

These yellow chucks and yellow necklace add a fun pop of color to the navy and white romper for an easy going "day" look. Click the pic to check out Ross Unit, LLC for this gem!

Ready to Rumble

Any time I have rocked a romper, inevitably, someone says something to the effect of "I could NEVER pull that off!". I assure you, I do not have a close personal relationship with the romper-elves. I believe it is important to know what will work for your physique and work within those parameters. Here are a few guiding principles to get your rear into gear to rock the romper!

  • Consider adding a finishing piece...think a blazer, cardi, cropped denim jacket, a fringe vest or a boho-y duster. I am sure most people think that the beauty in a romper is the fact that it is a one and done deal. However, finisher pieces can quickly take it from a “romper” to an outfit.

  • So, can I just say that if I were not already married and they were not inanimate objects I would sooooo marry shoes! The significance of the right pair of shoes is not at all over exaggerated. When choosing shoes, I for the most part believe we should be “the stiletto in a room full of flats.” We cannot all realistically wear stilettos every single day (le’sigh). Therefore, it is very important to choose the right shoe for the romper AND the occasion. Rompers look amazeballs with sandals, wedges, peeptoe pumps and strappy shoes.

  • Make a statement with cohesive accessories! If your romper is a solid or neutral, do not be afraid to use it as a canvas for a stunning statement necklace! If you are more into busy prints, try understated accessories so as not to visually overstimulate!

  • Time to talk body! Let’s not kid ourselves. We do not all have what we would consider the “ideal” shape. Well, ma’am, there’s a onesie out there for YOU too! If you are not feeling the thighage (I can make up words because this here is MY blog #boop), how about a jumpsuit? A little more gut than butt? Try a jersey jumpsuit with ruching in the tummy area. Little to no butt? I would recommend a romper that has a ruffle detail at the bottom or that is french cut. Well endowed? Do not be scared to wear a jumpsuit or tube top with a fitted button up or tee underneath. Straight up and down? Find a nice belt to wear right above your natural waist (or at the smallest point of your body). This will serve to balance your shape and give the illusion of curve owwwwwwww! When all else fails...get it tailored!

  • Last but certainly not least, this must be said ladies: camel toe? NO MA’AM! Not today, satan! This dreaded fashion faux pas can certainly “break” your romper look. To avoid this blunder, you will want to ensure that the torso of your romper is not too short or that it is not too tight. Not only is a camel toe situation uncomfortable for you, it is doubly so for anyone whose eyes happens upon it! #yourewelcome

Go Get Em' Tiger

I hope these tips help prepare you to get your romp on this summer! What do you think? Will you be rocking a romper or jumpsuit any time soon? Why or why not? Either way be sure to check out Ross Unit, LLC for fun and understated sexy offerings! Stylishly Your's, Khalilah #boop

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