Tee Me Up Hottie

Photo Credit: Khalilah Jones

So, I absolutely am not a "jeans & tee" type of gal. I am pretty sure one of my greatest fears after spiders is Khalilah's Kloset tshirt domination #killmenow. However, I will go out on a limb if it is a super cute tshirt. For those who rock tees regularly and my fellow fashionistas, who feel my pain, I am sure we all could use a few new ideas. I figured I would share my general guidelines for glammifying a tee.

Photo Credit: CasuallyStyled.com

  • If I am going to walk out my house in a tshirt to go anywhere other than the gym, it must first and foremost be one of the following... 1) unique 2) funny/edgy/conscious 3) complement shoes &/or accessories

  • Please pay particular attention to the fit of the tee. Your tshirt should fit and flatter. I personally gravitate toward fitted tees for the most part. But occasionally, I will throw on one of the hub's shirts. He is super Bratty McBrat-Pants about sharing his little vnecks though #rude. Even with a larger shirt, you want to look effortless, not sloppy. That means no misshapen necklines, no excessive wrinkles, no oversized shirts and the hem of the shirt should hit about mid-thigh.

  • I love, love, love pairing my tees in unconventional ways. Consider pencil skirts, skater skirts, circle skirts, trouser shorts and one of my fave pairing is with a tutu!

  • Donning a blazer with an edgy tee says "I'm classy, sassy and a little bad ass-y". Well, check, check and check!#boop

  • Lastly, shoes and accessories can take center stage for a plain tee with skinny jeans. Or as previously mentioned, you can coordinate your shoes and accessories with your tee.

Photo Credit: Dallas Shaw

Tee Time

Normally, I just #cannot with a tshirt. But dot, dot, dot, give me the elements to slay in one and we have ourselves a party. Don't threaten me with a good time! How about you, chickadee? Which of these tips will you try? Thank you for reading! Stylishly Yours, Khalilah.

Photo Credit: Khalilah Jones

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