All White, All White, All White (in my Kevin Hart voice)

Photo Credit: Khalilah Jones

Labor Day is an American holiday celebrated the first Monday of September. In the early 20th century, the uppity and well to do chose to wear white during the summer months because it was lightweight and cool. At the end of summer (typically indicated on or around Labor Day), the white attire was stored in deference to the darker colors of a fall wardrobe. Coco Chanel, fashionista that she was, decided she would throw caution to the wind and incorporate white into her wardrobe year round in 1920 ( Of course others followed suit. Therefore, technically, wearing white after Labor Day is no longer a faux pas. It is surprising how many still follow this fashion rule! Undoubtedly, you will start to see White Party or Labor Day parties being promoted. Most consider these parties their last ditch effort to don their white duds until the next summer. Of course, that means you have got to get it right!

White Haute

  • White is very unforgiving. Do not feel that you HAVE to go fitted. A white bodycon just isn't in the stars for every body. Opt for a wrap dress, which is universally flattering. An A-line, shift dress, or a skater dress are also options. A crisp, clean, celestial white dress can definitely look angelic, however, a bodycon on the wrong body? The devil is a LIAR!

Photo Credit: Chic & Classy Image Consulting (polyvore)

  • It can be difficult to "match" shades of white but do not let that deter you from pairing a white top with a skirt, shorts or pants. Pay close attention to proportion and shape. Due to the fact that white is a light color, it is NOT slimming. Therefore, make sure the pieces look as close to tailored as possible. Do not make the common mistake of assuming larger clothing conceals. They actually appear sloppy and dumpy. Say it with me clothing should FIT and FLATTER.

  • As for accessories, you can choose a minimalist look with simple, yet classic gold or silver accompaniments or nude shoes. A pop of color is always fun with the blank canvas of an all white outfit. I personally love turquoise and gold worn with all white but any color works. A funky printed clutch &/or shoes are also options to standout in the sea of white.

  • It is extremely important to wear the appropriate underclothes when rocking all white! Unless you want to give folks an end of summer treat, please be sure to check your reflection in several sources of light to ensure you're not unwittingly flashing everyone! A black bra, thong, shapewear or leggings (under a jumpsuit) works wonders!

  • Lastly, limit opportunities for annihilating your super chic white outfit before the end of the night by drinking clear drinks and STEP AWAY FROM THE HOT WINGS!

Snowman vs. SnowBunny

These tips have helped me feel and look less Snowman and more Snow Bunny. I truly hope they help you as well! Do you have any plans to attend a white party? What will you wear? Thanks for reading! Stylishly Yours, Khalilah

Photo Credit: IG: @hallskc

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