The Purge

Photo Credit: An Organic

We have all been guilty of allowing raggedy, dated, ugly, ill-fitting or sentimental guests overstay their welcome in our closet. It has been said women simultaneously have 2 issues:

1) too many clothes 2) nothing to wear The key is getting rid of the unwanted guests! This allows the wearable pieces to take their rightful place at the forefront of your closet AND mind. There is absolutely no reason for things that are not being worn to be monopolizing the limited space in your closet!

Photo Credit: First Class

Organizing Your Closet 1) I am not OCD or anything, but I do have to say that having my closet color coordinated helps me so much in piecing together my looks! It can be a little time consuming, but you will not regret this step!

2) Next, position all of your hangers in your closet facing the same direction. Once you've worn an outfit or piece, return it to its rightful place except this time be sure to turn the hanger the opposite direction. 3) After 6 months (a year at the most), take inventory in your closet. All of the clothing that is still in the original starting position are your guests that have “worn out their welcome”. You know what that means...time to purge any pieces that you have not worn.

Photo Credit: Who What After your chosen timeframe has passed you will recognize that the clothing you have not worn do not add value to your wardrobe. Do yourself a favor and purge these offending items from your closet. You will feel clutter free and relieved and like a load has been lifted from your dainty little shoulders. Could your closet use a good purge? Do you have any other closet organizing tips? Let me know! Happy Purging! Stylishly Yours, Khalilah

Photo Credit: Khalilah Jones (a little glimpse of my closet tee-hee)

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