Stank vs. Sophisticated

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Do you ever wonder what makes an outfit classy? I know I cannot be the only person who sometimes sees a woman and thinks that outfit would totally be up my alley if she had upped the class factor. Now, I absolutely understand that there are various reasons we (yes, me included) choose to wear our "trashy" clothes. Among those reasons some do it for male attention, some like to flaunt their amazing body, some genuinely do not know other flattering options for their body, etc. I am certainly guilty of "flaunting my body". And you know what? As I grow older and my body's fabulously fit days are numbered, I do not regret it. However, as a mother, wife and business woman, it is now time to recognize that there are other more sophisticated silhouettes that accurately and appropriately represent my style. Here are some tips to help you if you sometimes question your outfit. But, generally speaking, if you are second guessing it you probably should not wear it OR incorporate some of these suggestions to class it up!

Article of Clothing Stank (Offenders) Sophisticated (Silhouettes)


Excessive cleavage Blazer

Cropped Peplum

See-through Button Down

Dresses *Please note: if you are questioning if it is a top or a dress IT IS A TOP!

Too short A-Line

Extremely tight Maxi

See through Skater dress

Overly revealing Midi


Too short Pencil skirt

Extremely tight Midi

Circle skirt


Pleated skirt

Photo Credit: Polyvore

Pants*Leggings: Are only okay when your derriere’ is covered and your top hits at least mid-thigh

Too tight Cigarette pants

Too revealing Wide leg pants

Tailored slacks



Harem pants


Too short Bermuda shorts

Too tight Cargo shorts

Romper w/ footed tights

Now, I understand this may be a drastic deviation from the norm. No worries chica! Just ease yourself into a more sophisticated self assured you! Start with adding a finishing piece like a blazer, cardigan or jacket. Gradually incorporate new silhouettes into your wardrobe. Also, add accessories, particularly statement pieces so that you do not feel your outfit is boring. Your shoes can also give your outfit more of a wow factor. There is more to an aesthetically pleasing outfit than T&A! The key is balancing the sexy with some modesty. For instance, if your dress is tight maybe opt for a longer length. If your top is cropped, try wearing longer loose fitting pants. If you are wearing a short romper, choose one with long sleeves or add footed tights.

Have you been guilty of swimming in the "trashy" pond? Could you see yourself adding new silhouettes to up your wardrobe class factor? Thank you for reading! Stylishly yours, Khalilah

In this look, the long sleeves and maxi length help to balance the sexiness of the fit. This gem of a dress, as well as tons of other amazing pieces can be found at Ross Unit, LLC!

Photo Credit: Chic and Classy Image Consulting

Photo Credit: Chic and Classy Image Consulting

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