Battle of the Bulge

A peplum top is a cute way to camouflage a problem tummy area

Photo credit: Khalilah Jones

Hello there chica! Sooooo, if you are anything like me, that gut just ain’t sitting like she used to. Quite regularly I am contacted about camouflaging a troublesome tummy area. This problem seems to be fairly common with lots of women and particularly momshells! If this is your problem area, don’t fret my pet. You are NOT alone. This week let’s chat about the taboo topic of that gut, booski!

I am not going to go into a diatribe about what foods to avoid to prevent this issue. Since this is a common issue, chances are you already have a gut, pooch, pouch, or whatever other moniker you have given your unwelcome friend. So, the food boat has float. Of course you want feasible options for NOW. I will say it is always in our best interest to figure out the most healthy options. You can figure that out right after reading this post. #boop

Things to know...these are not hard and fast rules. These tips are to be considered guidelines. I hope some of these suggestions help to create your desired look!

  • Opt for empire waist tops or dresses. Typically, empire waist silhouettes are flattering because they accentuate the smallest part of your body. I will caution you that some empire waist tops may cinch in at the waist and tent out at the belly making one appear pregnant. No bueno! Be sure that your empire top is creating the look you truly desire and not the opposite. Photo Credit: Pinterest, Plush Addictions

  • Choose a top with details that distract from the tummy area. A peplum, ruching or an asymmetric top totally distract from the pooch. Photo Credit: Pinterest, Plush Addictions

  • If you select a darker colored top it will have a slimming effect. Additionally, a monochromatic look, specifically in a dark shade, will elongate and slim. Say for instance, a navy blue top with navy blue slacks will make your silhouette appear super slim and about 10ft tall!

  • Think of diverting attention from the tummy with a fun print or pattern. Keep in mind that a large scale print will make your stomach (and everything else) look huge. Opt for a small or medium scale print. If you wear stripes, go for vertical stripes. If you MUST wear horizontal stripes choose small stripes. Large horizontal stripes are not our friends!

  • Try a sweater, blazer, cardigan, kimono or any other cover up. A few tips, make sure the cover up you choose hits below your natural waist, actually, the longer the better. This helps to elongate, making you appear taller. Just be careful if you are petite. You do not want your cover up to overwhelm your small frame. Photo Credit: Pinterest, Ali, Meme Fabulous

Outside of the aforementioned tips, I should also mention that shapewear is another good way to reduce and camouflage a tummy situation. Did I miss any battle of the bulge tips? I hope this helps. And like I said before, I know how frustrating the gut can be. I certainly have a love-hate relationship with mine...I love to fill her up but hate to fit her ugh! Just know that you are not alone, bombshell, lets figure it out together! Until next week, Stylishly Yours, KJ.

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