Personal Style as Old as Methuselah

Hey chickadee! So, if you have known me for like five seconds, you will know that one of my biggest style pet peeves is when a young woman chooses clothing that makes her look dowdy, old and matronly. I totally get being modest and whatnot. However, youth is wasted on the young! This is your one and only opportunity to embrace being young. I'm not saying rock out with your tatas out. I am just saying it is quite OK to infuse your vibrant and lovely personality in your image darling. This week I would love to share some tips to ensure that you look less Methuselah more Miesha!

Photo Credit: Jheri Curl

Outdated Hair: So, back in the day I used to get my hair crocheted. That was easily 10 years ago. I am very pleasantly surprised that crocheted hair has come back in style. However, I could have easily added 10 to 15 years to my age if I had been wearing that crocheted hairstyle the entire time. I think as women we get emotionally attached to a hairstyle that represents the greatest most memorable time of our lives. Finger waves, banana peels, jheri curls and some of those super done-zo updos? It's a wrap mamas! Step into 2015 doll face. As with the crocheted hair, it's a possibility they'll come back around and you can partake and enjoy the trend again at that time!

Photo Credit: Asymmetrical Bob

About Face: I won't pretend that I am the foremost authority on make up, heck, I just started wearing make up like two seconds ago. From what I have seen, the quickest way to age yourself in regards to make up, is by wearing too little or too much. I am not a person who thinks everyone needs to wear make up.However, I think if you DO choose to wear it, you should definitely put the effort into knowing what works best to enhance your fabulous features. Ultimately learn to apply your make up with a light hand (I am still working on this one myself don't judge me). Too much blush or eyeshadow and scary eyebrows and eyelashes not only say "I'm trying too hard" they also say "I'll have the senior's discount deary, please and thank you."

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Clothes But No Cigar: Some of these things may seem counterintuitive, however, there are unfortunately some of ours sisters as young as 25 years old rocking some of these offending items. The top of my list would be mom jeans, closely followed by capri pants. Now, I am a mother, but honey you could not pay me to wear a pair of mom jeans. As with capri pants they just are not flattering. Mom jeans do nothing for the physique except make it look wide and flat. Capri pants are guilty because they cut off your legs and make just about anyone who wears them look like an ottoman. Next on the list would be wearing colors that wash you out. A poor choice in colors can make you look sick, tired and haggard. Red and blue are practically universally flattering. You just have to find the right shade! Another way to truly age yourself is by wearing ill fitting clothing. Particularly too big clothing. I find that many women wear bigger clothes in efforts to camouflage problem areas. Wearing bigger clothes may draw attention away from that 1 problem area but it does so by making your whole body 1 big sad problem area. I will suffice it to say, I've never seen a person in well tailored clothes look dowdy or matronly. Lastly, solely wearing clothing that is made for a younger generation is a big no-no. Your closet should not look like a clothing rack from Charlotte Russe or Forever 21. I will admit, I definitely mix in some juniors pieces with my women's wear. I love fun graphic tees and I am not above a tutu (or 2). I also love a good pencil skirt, button down top and a nice 2 piece suit. A 30 something's wardrobe should say "I'm young, vibrant, I don't take myself too seriously, I get the job done but I'm not exactly cougar bait (or whatever the female equivalent to cougar bait is)"

Notice how these ill fitting pants and top age the model. Not only that, the color of this top washes her out. The overall affect of the look is "dowdy".

This outfit is a much better choice. The vibrant color combination is more engaging and visually stimulating. The slimmer fitting pants are more flattering and the heels help to elongate. Notice how she put a little sass in that hip too...naturally, when you look better you have a little more pep in your step!

Are you guilty of unwittingly aging yourself? I hope there were some tips that may help get you all the way together, if so! Thanks for reading, chica! Stylishly yours, Khalilah.

Here is an ideal outfit that says I am young, capable, stylish and FUN!

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