Rock Color Like A Boss!

I opted to pair a rich, deep purple with this burnt orange dress. The jewel tone is an unexpected surprise and adds visual interest to the overall look. This necklace and other stunning finishing pieces can be found online at Divinisty Charms.

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Hello there doll face! This week I wanted to give some tips for incorporating color into your wardrobe. I know I know, I get it, people always say stick to neutrals because you get more wear out of them blah blah blah. Well, there's nothing neutral about me and I doubt you either! So, I tend to live AND dress out loud. Sue me. I think everyone looks amazing in color! There are very few occasions where I see someone wearing something all neutral and anti-climatic and say "wow, they really caught my eye!" If you are a person who tends to shy away from color hopefully one or two of these tips will help to gradually introduce you to the bright side! Five tips to gradually introduce color to your wardrobe:

  1. Try a blazer or cover-up in a bright color! I absolutely love blazers and I have them in a rainbow of colors. While on the surface it seems like you wouldn't be able to wear them often, I love them because it gives me the opportunity to add sass to an otherwise boring outfit. I have a brilliant turquoise blazer that I like to wear with a powerful purple top. I like to wear it with a hot pink circle skirt and I also wear it with my cobalt blue jumpsuit for a monochromatic look!

  2. Incorporate colorful jewelry. I love obnoxiously big earrings and I really like them when they're colorful! The same goes for a statement necklace or bangles. If I have bold accessories I am perfectly fine with a minimalist outfit. Picture a white top, white jeans and bold yellow earrings. How cute is that and refreshing?!

  3. If the idea of wearing a bright color gives you a mini panic attack, think about wearing two pieces in that color so that you feel your look is cohesive and "matches". The old-school mindset is that your belt, shoes and purse have to match. That is no longer the case so you don't have to necessarily go that far. I personally have even matched my lipstick with my statement necklace or my shoes. A beautiful, vibrant scarf with an accompanying fedora is fun too!

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  1. Speaking of shoes... Wearing shoes in a vibrant color is an awesome way to add a pop to your outfit. I am notorious for buying colorful shoes and I love them for the same reason I do a good blazer. They instantly add visual interest to a look. You can wear your brights shoes with a neutral outfit or you can wear a full monochromatic look with your beautiful shoes as the piece de resistance.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

  1. Lastly, if you're just not quite ready to take that plunge, start out with nail polish instead of your typical white tip or clear. Opt for a fun color and watch how many compliments you get!

Before I let you go, I have a challenge and color combos for my seasoned color rocking fashionista extraordinaires. Challenge yourself to mix prints using a common base color as your guide. Say for instance: a navy blue and white polkadot skirt with a navy blue and white striped shirt.

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Fun color combos to try: Turquoise and red Orange and yellow Teal and chocolate brown Mint and cobalt blue In my experience, people tend to minimize the importance of how our wardrobe can affect our day, mentality and even our success. Darker colors can come off as stoic, standoffish and unapproachable. Neutral colors can make the wearer seem boring, dull and basic. You will probably notice that people will likely treat you differently when you wear vibrant colors. Vibrant colors come across as fun, engaging and approachable. With fall coming up I am dreading all of the dark dreary colors so I am hoping that some of these tips will make their way out to the real world LOL. All of these tips are in addition to adding the fun pop to a print like leopard, zebra, houndstooth, polkadot, etc. What is one of your favorite color combinations? Until next week stylishly yours, Khalilah.

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