So You Think You Want to Own a Boutique?

This red and black panel midi dress was my first purchase from Ross Unit, LLC.

Photo Credit: Khalilah Jones Wardrobe: Ross Unit, LLC

Hello bombshells! Unless you've lived under a rock I'm sure you've been exposed to a plethora of options when it comes to brick-and-mortar and online boutiques. Of course there are some that will be more successful than others and if this is a business that you have been considering this weeks blog will definitely give you some much needed insight. I would like to introduce you to the owners of Ross Unit, LLC. I personally have had the pleasure of establishing a business relationship with the boutique as a brand ambassador. Just based on that professional relationship I am not at all surprised by the success of their business! Not only that, Ross Unit truly has an eye for fashion, has an awesome selection, quality merchandise and stellar customer service. If that is the type of boutique you desire please read on for their exclusive insight!

What was your "ah ha" moment that propelled you to take the leap of faith and pursue your own business? We always have believed in multiple streams of income. We wanted to own our own business in a field that we found interesting. Our goal was to do something that we love doing and make a profit doing it.

White cropped top with asymmetric skirt

Photo Credit: Khalilah Jones Wardrobe: Ross Unit, LLC

Now, we hear all the time about how strangers support small business owners more so than their friends and family. Has that been your experience or what has been the effect on your relationships? We would have to say that our customer base is made up primarily of strangers as opposed to family and friends. We do have some family and friends that have been extremely supportive of our business, but of course there are those family and friends that don’t mention it, or would rather act like they don’t even know we have a business….it’s like they think we are going to beg them to shop with us. We are not really pushy when it comes to promoting because we don’t want our family and friends to feel pressured to buy. We are true believers that if an individual likes something, they will go after it. We have found that some of our family and friends would rather spend their money with people they don’t know as opposed to supporting our business. It’s almost like our business is a joke to some or not a valid business. We have even seen some of our family/friends promote business’ similar to ours on social media, and not shown us the same type of love. The good thing for us is that we were not sitting back waiting for family and friends to endorse our business, so there is no love lost.

Who doesn't' love a good jumpsuit!? I hear many people say that when they work at a restaurant that they end up hating that kind of food afterwards. Do you feel that way about clothes, are you totally over them or are you a big clothes whore, such as myself (I mean, let's be honest if I am going to be a whore that's the route to go, right?!?)? Not at all!!! I guess you would say I too am a clothes ‘whore’. We both (my husband and I) love shopping, so we are constantly doing something we love. I am constantly ‘shopping’ for the boutique – it is truly the dream job for a shopaholic!!! I am looking for items to add to our inventory every day, several times a day. When I shop, I am looking for both current fashionable items as well as ‘Stand Out’ pieces, because I know I like to stand out in the crowd. I find that when I have an event, all I have to do is go to our showroom and play dress up….and what girl doesn’t like that!

My husband also loves to shop, and he loves to see people happy. He likes to see when women feel good about themselves, and often times trying on a new outfit boosts spirits. It’s great when a woman comes in and starts trying on clothes and you can see her level of confidence rise. Our goal is to sell clothes to people, but when we sell clothes we want the client to be happy with their purchase. You want the customer to feel good when they are trying on pieces. We want the shopping experience to be a great one, even if the client decides not to purchase anything at that time, the conversations, laughs, and dress-up time forms a business owner-client relationship and this experience will surely bring the customer back when they are ready to


How cute would this funky jacket be paired with a pair of leggings and booties for this fall/winter?

What is the one thing that you wish someone would have told you about owning your own business/boutique? I guess the biggest thing that I didn’t know was how fulfilling and rewarding the experience is when you are doing something that you really love. Entrepreneurship is very hard work and we both entered this knowing it would be, but where this business venture differs from others that we have had in the past is that we are passionate about what we are doing now. If I spend 5 hours in a day looking for new merchandise, I love every minute of it!!! It is rewarding in every way imaginable….mentally, emotionally, and financially.

Feminine, flirty and fun from

Anyone who has any type of talent skill or business knows all about the opportunists or those who feel entitled to the proverbial "hook up" how do you handle those people?

We really try to stick to our policies and rules; we have developed policies where we give discounts to frequent buyers. We offer sales and discounts a few times a month so if someone is looking for a “hookup”, we generally tell them to follow us on social media so they will be informed of upcoming sales and specials. We offer deals/discounts to our models and other companies that we collaborate with in business, so if the individual is willing to do a little work to earn a discount, we put that option out there. We love what we do, but this is a business.

If you are looking for a juxtaposition of tropical and edgy in one piece ^^^she's your girl!

How flirty, sexy and whimsical is this number? Get your's from Ross Unit, LLC now!

I know that's right!! Thank you so much, Claudette, for taking the time to share with my readers. I greatly appreciate it! If you like what you've read and what you've seen so far, do not hesitate to check out their website at Also, if you're in the area please visit the showroom 3352 Old Washington Road #U1 Waldorf, MD 20602!

Well there you have it! Do you have what it takes? So, do you still think you want to own that boutique? Stylishly yours, Khalilah.

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