Shop Your Closet: REMIX

Here I layered the dress over a camel colored turtle neck. I rocked a pair of slightly distressed skinny jeans and my fave camel riding boots. I lived in Ohio at the time and this was actually the day after Christmas in 2011 so I imagine it was pretty brrrr-tastic outside

Happy Saturday! I know I usually post on Mondays. However, I have decided to implement a new segment. At some point we all complain about the fact that we have nothing to wear (nevermind the fact that our closets and dresser drawers are bursting at the seams)! What I want to do is post a throwback outfit of the day (#ootd) and then pics of other ways that I have remixed or worn the outfit. Most of these pictures I will snag from my first two blogs I used to write back in 2010: Dolled Up For The Day and Khalilah's Kloset. I will at times revisit looks from the prior year as well (i.e. a look from last fall remixed for this fall). Please visit every Saturday to learn tips for shopping your own closet. The key to having an endless wardrobe and ALWAYS having something to wear is knowing how to revamp your current wardrobe!

Please excuse the poor quality of this picture. I believe it was taken with a friend's cell phone. I wore the same dress with a khaki blazer, a pair of skinny jeans stuffed in cognac colored over the knee boots and a cognac ruffle clutch for a fall night out back when I lived in Vegas.

This week the piece I wanted to "remix" is this navy blue and plaid strapless military inspired dress that I purchased from Charlotte Russe about 7 years ago. Typically, I do not buy neutral, plain or "basic" pieces. If you are the same way, this could really cause problems with your wardrobe for the simple fact that you may not get many "wears" out of your wardrobe pieces. Well, I personally just think that allows me to be a little creative and think outside the box. The funny thing about this dress is that I have never even worn it as it was intended...a dress. The reason why is because your girl has some junk in her trunk. So, the back of this dress gets hiked up a bit too much for my taste. I do kind of scrunch it up for my desired look when wearing it with pants (so that the proportions are right). I love that the bottom of the dress looks like a bustle.

How I remixed the look: I opted to layer the dress over a crisp white button up shirt even though it was a little warm (because my breast are outta control and I just do not think the fine folks of Charlottesville, Virginia are ready for all of that), I wore these khaki cargo joggers because, well, I rarely wear them and Iike the fun, casual but still polished effect they give. Lastly, these oxblood colored oxfords (complete with preppy tassles) completed this look.

You can increase your options in your closet if you open your mind and remove your self imposed limitations! Try a dress as a top! I will only caution you to ensure your proportions are right. So, do you think you will try to rock a dress as a top? Stylishly yours, KJ

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