Trend to Try: Fringe Benefits

Photo Credit: Brent Deitrich, MUA: Felicia Blackwell Hair: Rebecca Grimes Wardrobe: Ross Unit, LLC.

Photo Credit: Brent Deitrich, MUA: Felicia Blackwell Hair: Rebecca Grimes Wardrobe: Ross Unit, LLC.

Hello there chickadee! This week I would like to discuss an awesome trend to try! I know that everyone has their comfort zone and their little box that they like to stay in. But guess what? The lighting in your box is not the best doll face! And you know, like I know, that you were meant to SHINE!! The point of my blog is to help people think outside of that box and to gradually incorporate new ideas and concepts into their wardrobe. While I am on that topic please feel free to email me with any fashion questions that you may have or with topics you would like for me to address. I will happily oblige. I love to help others but I want to make sure I am addressing your needs. No, for real. Send me your style challenges, bombshells!

OK so now that that is out the way on to this week's trend to try! Drumroll please... fringe, fringe, fringe!!! This is not the easiest look to pull off but when it's done right, it looks effortless and undeniably chic.

  • Be careful not to go all cowboy western on them. You never want your outfit to look like a costume.

Fringe is perfect for a casual cute look! Go for it!

Photo Credit: Khalilah Jones

  • Try accessories with fringe...such as a handbag, a clutch, a necklace or earrings.

  • You can find an adorable fringe vest or a fringed kimono to pair with jeans, leggings, shorts or over a maxi dress.

  • Fringe shorts, pants, skirts or dresses look amazing with a denim top or cropped jacket. You can also add a boho style floppy hat!

Photo Credit: Khalilah Jones Necklace: Divinisity Charms

  • Sooo, I must say I have seen so many amazeball fringy shoes! Naturally, rocking a haute boot or stiletto with wispy fringes is an easy way to incorporate this trend. The key is allowing the shoe to have her moment. Therefore, keep your outfit relatively simple.

Shoes from Ali

Change is good. I promise! Do not be overwhelmed. Take it slow and make it happen, captain! Now, ma'am, with these tips would you dare try the trend? Take advantage of those Fringe Benefits! Stylishly yours, Khalilah.

Photo Credit: Who What


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