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Item to Remix: Navy blue and orange boho inspired kimono. The fun thing about this piece is that I got it for 5 whole doll hairs on clearance at Rue 21! SCORE!

I originally styled this kimono with cut off denim shorts, a navy ribbed tank top and orange pointy toe pumps. I chose to accessorize with "Simply Me" statement earrings.

For another totally different styling option I wore this stretchy, navy blue pencil skirt as a tube dress and layered the kimono (knotted at the waist, over the top. Cognac colored flat knee boots, gold hoop earrings and a statement necklace in burnt orange rounded the look out.

In this look, I wanted to create a kind of faux-wrap dress. The kimono was layered over the same skirt/dress and cinched in (pulling the right side over the left) and belted with a cognac colored obi belt. I bloused the top out in the back a little bit to help with the "wrap" dress illusion. Color block wedges in cognac and sand tied the look together.

So, there you have it! I will be the first to admit that I do not make the most practical wardrobe choices. However, I am definitely committed to getting my money's worth out of them. I love having the opportunity to create a variety of looks using the same pieces. People always say to me that they have never seen me wear the same outfit twice. Well, this is why! Who knew it could be so fun shopping your own closet? Takeaways for this week 1) wear a skirt as a dress! 2) Knot a kimono or duster for a new silhouette 3) belt it!!! Are you down to try any of these tips? Stylishly yours, KJ

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