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I chose to wear this dusty pink panama hat from Charlotte Russe with high-waisted wide leg pants, white tank, a denim button up tied at the waist and nude pumps. My desired look was casual but still chic.

Photo Credit: Khalilah Jones

Hello there chickadees! So if you've known me for 2.5 seconds you know that I absolutely love hats! I wear them quite often and people always ask me for tips on pulling off a hat. This week I thought I would provide some insight into wearing hats!

  • The first thing that most people say regarding hats is that they do not have a "hat head". Well here is a simple guide for you. Everyone has a hat head (if you have a head you can rock a hat) you just have to find the right hat for the shape of your face.

  • Round: Your ideal hat would be a paperboy, flat cap or a fedora. This facial shape works best when the hat is as wide as the wearer's face, has sharp lines and a decorative crown. Opt for an asymmetric brim or you can rock a brim that is straight but you definitely want to tilt it to create the appropriate angle for your face.

  • Heart: So, your optimal hat is going to be a cloche, pillbox or a medium brim fedora. Ultimately, you want to opt for any hat with a medium sized brim. I will be honest, the challenge for a heart faced bombshell is balancing the width of the forehead. Be forewarned, if your hat brim is too large your forehead will appear even wider than it normally does. Outside of that challenge, this facial shape truly does allow for a variety of hat styles.

  • Square: Go for a beanie, bowler or a center dent fedora. Round hats tend to balance out the sharp lines of a square jaw. An asymmetrical or round hat will soften and effectively add contrast to the sharpeness of the jawline.

Photo Credit: MarieClaire.com

Photo Credit: Mystylevita.com

Photo Credit: Thepowerdresser.com

  • Next you need to understand what hat goes with what kind of outfit. Just because the color matches doesn't mean the hat complements the outfit. For example, you don't want to wear a wicker beach hat with a fur coat. Does that make sense? You want to take into consideration what the hat is constructed of what textiles your outfit is constructed of, the occasion for which you'll be wearing the outfit and if a hat if even appropriate.

Photo Credit: Polyvore Chic & Classy Image Consulting

  • I do not necessarily wear a hat when I'm having a bad hair day per se because ultimately I have my hair styled in a way that if, I for some reason had to take my hat off, my hair still looks decent. So no I'm not necessarily being lazy I'm simply wearing the hat because it looks great with my outfit.

  • I will say this, there is probably not a piece of clothing that garners more attention than when I wear a hat. People love hats, even a casual baseball cap! I even got lots of compliments when I wore a beanie believe it or not. So, I would not recommend rocking a hat if you're not completely secure and confident in yourself because people will stare.

  • Lastly, what I love about hats is that you can really dress them up or dress them down.

So, are you a woman who loves a good hat moment? What style of hat is your favorite? If you are not normally a hat wearer, did any of these tips change your mind? Stylishly yours, KJ

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