Summer Sass Meet Fall Fierce

I picked this dress up at a consignment shop in DC. I am not the biggest fan of florals but I absolutely love pleats and a good cut out moment! This summer I paired the dress with magenta pumps, a berry colored belt and fun pearls and curls!

Hello there chickadees! So, fall is in like 2.5 seconds and I thought this would be an awesome time to share some tips to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. OK so don't be mad at me but that does not mean that you need to go out and buy a totally new wardrobe. Don't shoot the messenger LOL! So, if you're interested in finding out how to maximize your wardrobe just continue reading!

A great way to transition a summer dress to fall is by adding a chic motorcycle or bomber jacket, a fall weight scarf, tights or socks and booties. For some reason I felt a fauxhawk worked well with this overall look!

Layer. Layer. Layer. The main reason that I love fall so much is because of the creativity it affords you in your attire. I love layering in unconventional ways! Try a shirt dress with leggings and boots. You can wear cute and functional longsleeve shirts (I love thermals) and layer them under your cute summer tops or tees! You can add a chunky sweater to a maxi skirt or a summer dress and create a whole new look. Layer a chambray top over a maxi dress or try a corset over a turtleneck. Play with Jackets and Coverups Don't be scared to throw a jacket, blazer or faux fur vest over your summer dresses or tops! I promise it looks super chic and cute and will keep you warm!

Super distressed denim (to the point of annihilated, lol) with a tank top and chucks are some of my favorite summer staples. I usually tie a flannel around my waist since I tend to get cold. This mint lipstick was uber fun this summer.

Leggings and Footed Tights So, I am seriously not the biggest fan of leggings because I really don't consider them pants per se. Regardless, I know there are plenty of people who love leggings and in the fall I can't say that I'm mad at you. anytime I do wear leggings I am always sure to double up on them. Nowadays they are made so poorly that you can see right through them besides that most just aren't very forgiving or flattering so adding an extra pair helps out. There are lots of adorable prints and patterns as well as neutral leggings that you can wear with your bright summer tops, boots and a fall friendly jacket or chunky sweater. Just please be sure that your top covers the goods and hit at least mid-thigh. As far as tights, I am definitely a fan of footed tights in the fall. I like to wear them with summer dresses, skirts, under shorts and even under distressed jeans.

Transitioning these jeans from summer to fall is as easy as adding a knit sweater, a cute embellished beanie and a pair of leopard print footed tights layered underneath!

Boots I think I am so in love with boots because I just really didn't have a practical use for them growing up in Arizona so now I'm obsessed with them LOL. There are so many different types of boots: knee boots, over the knee boots, booties, ankle boots, midcalf boots, riding boots, etc. I feel like you can pretty much throw a boot on with any summer piece of clothing and make it work for fall LOL. In most cases, if you pair the boots & summer piece with a pair of tights and or a fall weight jacket you'll be on your way! Fall Colors Every year Pantone releases the "it" colors for the fall. If you can, have fun with incorporating these colors into your fall wardrobe. Better yet, marry these "of the moment" shades with your summer hues for a fresh take on fall!

Photo Credit: I hope you have found some tips that will help you further maximize your closet and transition your summer wardrobe into fall. What are your tips for transitioning your wardrobe from season to season? Stylishly yours, KJ.

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