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I think it's so commendable that you create breast cancer awareness pieces! I love when people can see beyond themselves to the bigger picture and reflect some sense of social responsibility in their work. Especially when you can marry what you love with an important cause. Is there a profound story behind your support of this cause? - I have actually never told anyone this story but in 2010 my mother had a scare. They found some stuff during a check up. I remember when she told me my heart was broken and it wasn’t even definitive. For a whole week we waited for an appointment to get the final test and results. During the wait in the waiting room the day of the appointment, there was a lady who had breast cancer and she was there for a procedure. Her family and friends were all with her. She was in the best spirit and I was a complete mess. I think she could tell. She was getting ready to go back and they wanted to pray. They invited my grandma and I to join and asked what we were there for so when I told them the prayer began...they prayed for the lady and for her procedure. After her pastor prayed, the lady then said a prayer for my mother, not once mentioning herself. I was in awe at the moment. After, she hugged me and whispered “He won’t put more on you than you can bear” she then went back. I talked to her son a little after she went back and he was in the best spirit like his mom. I couldn’t imagine going through it, but I was right there possibly about to. I always say God knows best! My mother was clear and I was just thankful not only for the results but for that lady. I never got her name but I have always thought about her. So backing this cause is simply because so many people are affected by it and sometimes for those women and families who are dealing with it, seeing that simple piece of support reminds them they are not alone. I truly enjoy making bracelets but when I can make them for a great cause, it’s even better! #JewelryForTheCause

What was your "ah ha" moment that propelled you to take the leap of faith and pursue your own business? - I was searching for a bracelet one day back in 2012 but couldn’t find anything that I liked. My search led me to Hobby Lobby where it all began! I saw an aisle of beads and began to look through thousands of beads. I found some I liked and bought the stuff to make me a bracelet. Little did I know that one bracelet would start a new journey in my life. People started asking where I got it from and when I told them I made it it then became “Can I buy one from you?” That’s when I realized...there is something here! Now, we hear all the time about how strangers support small business owners more so than their friends and family. Has that been your experience or what has been the effect on your relationships? - I have a very strong support system. Most of the people in my life have a piece from me and continue to support me and my brand. It’s very humbling to see my piece on a regular when I am with my family and friends! I also have had a lot of support from people who knew nothing about me. They just believed in the vision and have supported me. My pieces are in several different states with people who have never met me! I love when people post pictures on social media and I get a glimpse of one of my pieces...just a very humbling moment.

I hear many people say that when they work at a restaurant that they end up hating that kind of food afterwards. Do you feel that way about jewelry/accessories are you totally over them or are you a big accessory whore, such as myself (I mean, let's be honest if I am going to be a whore that's the route to go, right?!?)? -LOL...I am an accessories whore and probably will always be. When I leave without something on my wrist I am just not myself. It’s amazing how one simple accessory can bring a whole outfit together. I believe accessories tell you a lot about someone. When I do custom piece I learn a little about my customer based on the design. We live in a fashion world...accessories will NEVER get old! What is the one thing that you wish someone would have told you about owning your own business/boutique? - How expensive it can be LOL. But someone once told me “You have to spend money to make money” and there hasn’t been a more true statement!

Anyone who has any type of talent skill or business knows all about the opportunists or those who feel entitled to the proverbial "hook up" how do you handle those people? -In the beginning I gave in to the “hook up” or “friends and family” line. I have now grown into something worth more and have to treat my business as such. I still get it at times but I just laugh it off. I’m building a brand, not giving it away. I hold my company to a higher standard these days. I can’t make money by giving a “just because” discount! For those type of people I say...WAIT FOR A SALE! (They happen) Lastly, how can the readers stalk your life? FB fan page link? IG link? Business contact info? www.facebook.com/cre8ed4you www.instagram.com/cre8ed4you Email: cre8ed4youjewelry@yahoo.com KIK: Cre8ed4You

Thank you so much for the awesome interview, Jobe! Also, thank you readers for stopping by! Do you raise awareness in style? Please visit and get your Breast Cancer Awareness pieces from Cre8ed4You! Stylishly yours, KJ.

All photo credits attributed to Jobe Jackson

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