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Hello, there Sugar Pants! Who doesn't love an awesome statement piece to add the sass to your overall look? Well, you are in for a treat. This week I would like to introduce you to Divinisity Charms! This will be your go-to spot for unique statement pieces.

What was your "ah ha" moment that propelled you to take the leap of faith and pursue your own business?

My "ah ha" that gave me the push to start my own business was when I was laid off from a really good pain corporate America job. Plus, I was tired of corporate America telling me what my work was worth in the form of a salary.

Now, we hear all the time about how strangers support small business owners more so than their friends and family. Has that been your experience or what has been the effect on your relationships?

As far as family and friends many have been totally amazing in supporting me with my business ventures. The first day that I set up to sell my jewelry a lot of my family came to support and they actually bought me out. My husband has been really supportive because of him I am able to do what I do. He keeps me motivated but most of all he keeps me financed.

White Bow Tie with black and gold accents; Black dress courtesy of Ross Unit, LLC

Black leather look dress courtesy of Ross Unit, LLC

I hear many people say that when they work at a restaurant that they end up hating that kind of food afterwards. Do you feel that way about clothes, are you totally over them or are you a big clothes whore, such as myself (I mean, let's be honest if I am going to be a whore that's the route to go, right?!?)?

Sad to admit this, but since I mainly focus on clothing individuals, I for some reason, do not put the same effort into myself. Stilettos and makeup and long dresses was what I wore before I started my business. Now it is blue jeans and a t-shirt laugh out loud.

What is the one thing that you wish someone would have told you about owning your own business/boutique?

I wish that before I started my business that I had done a little bit more research on how to actually run the back end of a business. I also wish that I had known that just because you have a good product that doesn't mean that it's going to fly off the shelf you really have to market and brand yourself.

Divinisity Tribal Ethiopian Bib Style Necklace

Divinisity Peacock Feather Clutch

Anyone who has any type of talent skill or business knows all about the opportunists or those who feel entitled to the proverbial "hook up" how do you handle those people?

You know when it comes to business my motto is to treat everyone the same whether it's my father on to the CEO of a fortune 500 company. It's important that you give everyone that customer service the whole "you are important feeling."

Thank you so much for your candid responses! Please check out Divinisity Charms at http://www.mydivinisitycharms.com/. Stylishly yours, KJ. #chicandclassy #imageconsulting #fashionblogger

Black top courtesy of Exotic Hush

Turquoise and gold choker

(All accessories courtesy of Divinisity Charms)

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