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Hey Sugar Pants! I have to apologize for neglecting my blog lately. Please excuse my transparency. My family has experienced a devastating blow over the last week and a half. We were super excited and preparing to share the news with our family and friends in a few weeks that we were expecting bambino #2. I was already thinking of my Khalilah’s Closet: Pregnancy Chronicles, lol. Unfortunately, we suffered a miscarriage. My son Myles is actually a rainbow baby, so this is my second miscarriage. I will admit it was a lot more emotional for us this time. I think having such an amazeballs little one just totally made us super excited for another one...since we knew we could create phenomenal little people, lol. God has other plans for the Joneses. I wholeheartedly believe that everything happens for a reason and that is helping me to be “okay”. Anyway, I share all of that because I like to be as open and honest with my readers as possible. I believe it helps to build rapport as well as has its therapeutic qualities. Ultimately, still and calm waters do not make for an adept captain, right? This will certainly help me grow as a person, a wife and mother and also my family unit to grow and thrive as well.

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This week, I wanted to share some exciting news! I am now an Exotic Hush Consultant! So, listen, you will absolutely LOVE Exotic Hush! Not only do we have amazing, chic and super feminine pieces, but we also have Hush Boxes! What is a Hush Box, you ask? Well, it is basically your own little personal stylist in a box! No hemming and hawing trying to figure out what complements what. All of the guesswork is taken out of it. You pay a flat rate and get an entire FABULOUS look! Can’t be that with a stick, right?! If you are tired of trying to figure the whole “outfit” thing out, this is the site for you! Please visit http://www.exotichush.com/ for the latest styles and pieces to round out your wardrobe!

I love the results I have seen with my waist trainer. Get yours here: http://www.exotichush.com/

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Need great fringe moccasin boots for this winter? Or a hot pair of lace up cage boots? Check out http://www.exotichush.com/. Thank you so much for bearing with me guys! I am wishing you a fabulous week! Until next time! Stylishly yours, KJ.

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