Chic Challenge: January Style Challenge

Chartreuse shredded knit sweater worn with black and white aztec print joggers, cobalt blue clutch, black feather statement necklace and black t-straps

Chartreuse shredded sweater with black liquid leggings, and black over the knee flat boots. Can I just say how much hair plays a role in my overall looks? I consider it an accessory #boop

Hello Chickadees! So, there’s a new year coming up in like 5 seconds and I thought I would do things a little differently on my blog. If you've written a blog before you know how challenging it is to keep fresh content and to keep people's interest! I am not one who tracks my followers. I do this for those who truly need help and enjoy my perspective. Anyway, I want to keep it interesting for the people who do enjoy my little blog.

Therefore, it is my extreme pleasure to share a January style challenge with you all! Not only that, I have decided to share other aspects of my life with you as well. Just little tidbits here and there. I think the number one question that I get from people is “how do you do it all and manage to look put together?” and I personally don't see it as a lot. I guess it's because of the lifestyle that I live and that fashion and style has become such a huge part of it. As lame as it may sound, I really do have a passion for fashion. I always have. I am just fascinated by it. As much as my attire and wardrobe have drawn attention, broken the ice and opened doors for me, I feel others may be just as fascinated as I am. Of course, a brand-new year represents a new perspective and the potential for a new you. What better way to represent that than with a refined new style?

Black and white houndstooth corduroy pants worn with a black charmeuse top, turquoise boyfriend blazer, yellow oversized earrings and accompanying yellow heels

Worn with a white leather motorcycle jacket and a red "celebrity" hat

Ignore the other looks from my extensive wardrobe this is an oldie but goodie...the houndstooth pants were worn with a red leather bomber jacket and black cuffed heels

Worn with a pop of pink!

Worn with cobalt blue and pearls. The makeshift pleather belt and pearls make for a juxtaposition of edgy and feminine

Before we start this challenge let me just say that I have pretty much been a compulsive shopper for years and honestly, I didn't even realize it for the majority of that time. Once I did realize it, I tried to justify it by either saying I deserved it or because I was such a frugal person it really wasn't a problem. I really just convinced myself it was a harmless pastime. I think there's just a thrill in it...anticipation, exhilaration! Well I have learned that shopping my own closet and re-inventing an outfit, revamping a look completely, elicits a similar sense of exhilaration!

The point of this challenge is to help you get creative and to see your closet with a new enlightened pair of eyes. I think the biggest benefit of something like this is it helps you get organized. You can plan your outfit for the week because you already have the basis for each day. How amazeballs is that?!?Ultimately I would like for you to have fun with this! Enjoy it! Share the challenge with others. Feel free to reach out to me ( if you have any questions! I would love if you share pictures periodically or thoughts throughout the challenge with me. I will be sharing my looks as well! Remember this is for fun it isn't a test you can't fail. You don't suck at life if you aren't able to execute a challenge day. You absolutely win if you give it a go, so…go for it!! Will you join me? Stylishly yours, KJ.

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