FEAR: Not on MY Watch

Hello Chickadee! This week is all about fear. I know, I know it's a smidge heavy. However, life isn't always ruching and button-flies.

What Do I Fear?

If you know me-know me, you know that I am indeed a pretty fearless person. Fear is just not in my nature. Fear and faith just cannot occupy the same space. With that being said, I have not known fear for the majority of my life. BUT in light of recent events (i.e. Trayvon Martin, John Crawford, Eric Garner and the entire #blacklivesmatter movement) I have real palpable moments where I am absolutely terrified for my son and my husband. This fear is right up there with white stretch pants (scary right?!!). No, but in all seriousness, this has kept me up at night on more than one occasion. My husband is probably one of the most straight-laced guys you can find...I am probably more sketchy than he is in all honesty. Clean cut, family man, 100,0000 trillion credit score and outside of our Justice of the Peace marriage has never had to conduct personal business in a court...you get my point. My little bambino is an extension of his father and of course we will do all that we can in our power to maintain his status as an upstanding, contributing citizen to society. Unfortunately, we still live in a world where they may just be seen as a Black Man, thereby, a threat. Nevermind that our president is Black. So, yeah. If I had to say what my fear is...that is it.

Style Challenge: Black Out. Definitely a challenge for me because I do not wear black often especially not ALL black. My fave go-to black button up top from Express, Black ruffle leather-look skirt from Ross Unit, LLC., black Jessica Simpson peep toe heels with ankle cuff.

Style Challenge: Denim on Denim. This was another challenge for me because although I wear jeans I rarely wear denim on denim. I have to say I do like the relaxed and effortless look. The look: gray fedora from Express, denim button up that I bought thrifted, these boyfriend jeans are also thrifted, gray snakeskin Steve Madden heels.

As I previously mentioned, fear and faith cannot occupy this space. Heck, I can barely fit all of these curves in my jeans, fear needs to take a hike off of a short bridge, please and thank you very much! To combat those fearful moments, I love on my handsomes! I teach my son respect, integrity, character and the love of God.

Style Challenge: Corduroy Pants. This was not really a challenge for me, because I personally love corduroy pants. However, most people tend to shy away from them so I wanted to show that they are definitely a viable option for adding some texture to your wardrobe! The Look: navy, eggplant, camel and brown cropped swing capelet from Charlotte Russe, eggplant mesh long sleeve top, camel colored corduroy skinnies from Old Navy and eggplant ruffled knee high boots from Cutesy Shoes.com. I have had all of these pieces for years and they stay in rotation! Excuse the blurry iphone pics, I had to have the hubby snap them on my way out to an appointment!

Okay, so I told you this would be a little heavier than your typical fashion blog post. Fear is such a waste of energy. I refuse to let my fears consume me. This includes fashion fears. Have you ever noticed that the people who are more adventurous fashion-wise, tend to be less inhibited in other areas of their lives too? Conquer your fashion fears, sweetness. Start small and then OWN those pesky fears. So, what do you fear? Stylishly yours, KJ. #chicandclassy #imageconsulting #fashionblogger #januarystylechallenge #style #fear

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