What's the Sense in That?!

Hey chickadees! I hope this week finds you well! This week will be fairly brief it's all about my five senses right now.


So, what I'm looking at right now is this amazing green chile chicken lasagna recipe I tried today half smothered in cheese the other half naked accompanied by a side of black beans. As you might know, I hate melted cheese and my husband loves cheese. I love cooking and I have been trying at least one new recipe a week for a couple of months now.


You guessed it...green chile chicken lasagna with a quick whiff of Airwick Life Scents sugar plum delights from the holiday collection every now and then. Am I the only one who is absolutely terrified every time the automatic air freshener decides to go off?!? Anytime I hear the air freshener or the icemaker for about .5 seconds I am always sure I'm headed for certain death.


Actually, it's pretty quiet right now. It is our dinner hour and we sit in the formal dining room with no TV. The only real sound is the heater blowing full blast and my son jibber jabbering about.


Can I just say that I straightened my hair today, which I very rarely do. I styled it in a sleek ponytail and I cannot stop running my fingers through it!


For my dessert, I am having a package of 100 cal 90% fat free popcorn with a box of raisinets drizzled over the top. OMG it gets all hot and melty. Plus, the salty-sweet and crunchy-chewy juxtaposition is almost like sex, if you're into that kind of thing. If you are, get you some!

Those are my 5 senses at this moment. This light and silly topic feels so good after the more heavy stuff from last week, right?! Anyway, I LOVE the feel of luxe textiles. The smell of a good deal (yes, I can smell a good clearance sale from a mile away). I also love the sight of a flawlessly executed outfit. Speaking of, which style challenges will you be attempting this week? See a few of my challenge looks below. Stylishly yours, KJ! #chicandclassy #imageconsulting #fashionblogger #stylechallenge #fivesenses

Style Challenge: Oversized. Admittedly, 95% of my clothes are form fitting. I won't have this body forever, so I am a firm believer in "if you've got it flaunt it". I do so tastefully but still...the "oversized" challenge was the perfect opportunity for me to step outside of my comfort zone. The Look: tan oversized duster (thrifted) worn layered over a tan thermal from Walmart, paired with tan leggings with faux leather panels from Forever 21 and red suede over the knee boots (I've had them for years but recently saw them at Lola Shoetique). Lastly, my bag is from JustFab and this statement necklace is from Exotic Hush. Please visit my site and let them know I sent you at checkout! http://khalilahj.exotichush.com/

Style Challenge: Joggers. I absolutely love joggers...on other people. I have only worn them a handful of times and really liked the way it looked. I could've gone for one of those tried and true looks but in deference of the challenge I tried a different jogger look. The Look: forest green suede jacket (thrifted) worn layered over a black button up top, green camo print joggers (Target) and black Jessica Simpson heels.

Style Challenge: Camo (or olive green). Ok, so this is not necessarily camo OR olive green. However, neither of those are challenges for me because I love both and rock them frequently. The challenging part of this look was this dress. I like form fitting clothes but I do not like form fitting AND short. Therefore, this dress that I got on the clearance rack for $7 at Forever 21 like 2 years ago hadn't been worn up until this point! In the spirit of stepping out of my comfort zone here we are! The hat is from Charlotte Russe for $19.99.

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