Bad Habits Die Hard

This mixed print look works because both prints share a common color (navy). Additionally, the size and scale of the prints and the streamlined fit of the pieces do not overwhelm the frame. This look could appear sloppy and unkempt otherwise.

Hey doll! How are we? I hope the New Year is treating you well so far!! I also hope that you've tried some new variations to your wardrobe. This week I will talk about my bad habits. Fun, right?! Smh

OK, so one of my worst habits is actually a vice. I love sweets and have a perpetual sweet tooth! Zours, peach cobbler, sweet potato pie, carrot cake, ice cream, etc. I have to eat something sweet every single day. Not only that, I eat in bed. I need to have a sweet snack right before I go to sleep, because let's be realistic here, you don't know if you will wake up in the morning. So, you might as well indulge before you take that eternal sleep.

Another bad habit that I have is that I curse like a sailor. I know, I know, it's so horrible and tacky and unladylike. But guess what? I don't drink. I don't do drugs. I don't smoke. I curse...sue me. I know that people say that those who use vulgar language lack an extensive vocabulary. While I am sure that is a deterrent for some folks, I have to say that is not true in my case. I am what my friends call a wordsmith and I have a very extensive vocabulary. Curse words are just a little more colorful (what can I say? I love color!). I have minimized it considerably since I became a mother. I do not curse in front my son. I try to only use positive uplifting words, love, light, namaste and all that in his presence.

In my opinion, black and white mixed prints are the easiest to pull off. It doesn't hurt that you can add a pop of color in whatever shade you'd like. Side note, I got this maxi top on clearance at Target for $6.99 and these joggers at Rue21 on clearance for $2.99. BTW, holy push up bra batman!

On to bad habit tres’. I am not what anyone would call a neat freak. Contrarily, I am not the messiest person you'd ever meet either. I am a little OCD about certain things. I despise when there are dishes in the kitchen sink. I like for the kitchen to always be tidy, the playroom to be neat and the living room to be straightened up. Mainly the common areas of the house have to be presentable but outside of that? It is a free for all.

OK so this has been kind of therapeutic but also embarrassing so I will limit my bad habits to three today. It's pretty liberating and you know I am all about transparency. In this day and age of social media where everyone sends their “representative” it really does feel good to say “listen, I'm not perfect... here are my flaws. Love me or leave me.” I think we all can learn to be a little more transparent and honest.

Again, this look works because of the common color in both prints (mustard). Also, both dominant colors (kelly green and mustard) complement each other. I love the regal and ethnic overtones of this African print inspired pencil skirt paired with the decidely feminine and prissy ruffly polkadot top.

In closing, this week rounds out the style challenge for January. I think mixed prints was the most advanced style concept from the January Style Challenge. Therefore, I focused on those looks to present for the week. In the spirit of transparency, I will be honest and say that mastering mixed prints is actually a challenge for me as well. But once you get the hang of it, it is very fun to create these unexpected and unique looks. What do you think? Will you try it? Stylishly yours, KJ.

Here, I challenged myself to mix 3 prints: leopard, stripes and floral. Even though there were 3 prints, this look actually felt the most organic.

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