He Said, She Said: A Husband and Wife Commentary

Hello Chickadees! Last week the hubs and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. We are not really big on anniversaries per se. We are normally cool with simply making a little “2 step up” dinner and calling it a day. If we do celebrate it is for a milestone. We did bundle up and head to dinner at Bonefish Grill as a family which was a great time. This year, I thought it would be fun and unique to collaborate with my husband, Chris, on this blog post. Perfect opportunity to take advantage and cash in some of those low-key whatev anniversaries, right? #shewon

I will preface this post by saying that my husband does and always has known exactly what he likes when it comes to a woman’s attire and appearance. I thought it would be interesting to see what makes an Airman, Comedian, husband and father look twice at his old lady. In the spirit of anniversary and celebrating love I get to meld my 2 loves...my love of fashion and the love of my life. **Disclaimer** Chris Alan is a comedian and the views and opinions he shares are his and his alone, LBVS.

Here are the outfits that I asked the hubby to critique.

Look #1: Denim button up top (Old Navy), Black scuba circle skirt (Rue 21), Burgundy and leopard clutch with gold hardware (Body Central), Sky high leopard print booties with red stiletto heels. Eyes Front: Well, as a shoe whore, my eyes are drawn to the booties. The waist is a close second since the thick band creates a cinched (and snatched) waist line! Occassion: Dinner with the girls. Wear w/ or w/o hubs?: Either...it’s not overtly sexy!

Look #2: Midnight blue top embellished with gold and silver sequins and a button up back (thrifted), midnight blue liquid look skinny pants with silver zip front pockets (thrifted Ann Taylor), Nude pointy toe pumps (Steve Madden), Gold statement choker w/ matching earrings (Exotic Hush). Eyes Front: My eyes are drawn to the sparkles that are so beautifully offset by the midnight blue. Occassion: A networking event. W/ or w/o the hubs: Either...again, I feel this outfit has an understated sexy feel. So, I am certainly comfortable rocking it without my hubby by my side.

Look #3: Wine mock turtleneck midi (Body Central), Nude waist length peplum jacket (thrifted), Oxblood Mary Jane platform pumps (Charlotte Russe), Wine floppy hat (Charlotte Russe). Eyes Front: My eyes are drawn to the waist. Again, the peplum cinches in and snatches that waist right up! Occassion: Fashion outing. W/ or w/o the hubs: Ummmm, because this dress is so form-fitting and hugs the curves, I would probably feel more comfortable wearing it when my husband is with me. Especially if I expect there to potentially be lots of single men in attendance. I am, however, perfectly comfortable rocking it to a fashion focused event

Look #4: White boyfriend blazer (clearance buy from Forever 21), Red “I am not just a fan, I am his wife” tee (The Dressed Up Tee), High Waist stone washed jeans that I distressed myself (thrifted), Black, red and pewter platform pumps that Chris actually bought me while he was away on Air Force assignment (Aldo’s). Eyes Front: Fun graphic or statement tees always catch my eye, of course the distressed jeans will get a second glance too. Occassion: Hubby’s comedy show. YES, I am that doting, supportive, rep yo' man kinda wife! W/ or w/o hubs: I will certainly wear this tee w/o the hubs in tow, now these pants I will rock but with leggings or tights under them (I gotta a little overzealous with the scissors and cut a little higher than I would like).

The following is his commentary on these outfits.

Thank you so much for checking out our first collaborabtion since Myles, LOL! I hope you enjoyed it. I want to thank the hubster for being a good sport. If you found him remotely interesting check out his podcast http://negropleaseradio.podbean.com/. He will be at the Dayton Funny Bone February 11th- February 14th or you can also find out when and where he will be performing locally on the What's Happening Cville facebook page. Thank you for keeping up with (2/3 of) the Joneses today! What do you think about Chris' input? Stylishly yours, KJ


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