Don't Drown in 2016

Hey there sugar pants!! Whew! So, crazy whirlwind holiday season, right?!? I hope you enjoyed the season and that your upcoming year is a PERFECT one! I am still trying to catch my breath. A few weeks back I mentioned my desire to open up more on my blog to give some insight into who I am. More of a comprehensive look at the lifestyle of a wardrobe stylist and fashion blogger. I share adorable Mommy n' Me pics , my favorite quote, some of last week's executed looks for the January Style Challenge and pic examples for next week’s challenge. Forgive me as I know it seems all Willy Nilly and all over the place right now. I am just trying some new things and want to give a little more than just the fashion piece of me. Please bear with me as I get my life #boop.

Just stop it! Stop being so stinkin' adorbs right now! Natasha and Sterling were the perfect Mommy-Son duo for this week's Mommy n' Me coordinated looks challenge! Photography by: Daddy. Sterling's Jeans and matching tee's from

If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it! (Jonathon Winters)

Listen, it's 2016! It's a mighty fine time to realize you have to create your own opportunities! As “trendy” as YOLO (you only live once) was, the basis of the statement is so real! I have been guilty of sitting on my own potential and talent trying to wait for the perfect circumstances, in essence, waiting for my “ship”. What I did not realize is that I had the tools, resources and skills to build that ship! God has blessed me with talent, charisma and the wherewithal to earn my degrees. I have what it takes. And guess what, doll face? YOU do too! You soooo have what it takes. It is almost unbelievable just how much you have what it takes! Take the bull by the horns and seize the day bombshell! I am rooting for you and I know there is a team of people behind you rooting even louder.

I just cannot! There's nothing better than a well dressed woman. EXCEPT a well dressed mommy with her equally well dressed daughter! Check out The Staceys!

I will leave you with this...if you are constantly feeling like things are not going the way you would like or the opportunities just are not presenting themselves you have 3 options: build your ship, swim out to your ship or DROWN! This coming week (since we are swimming out to our ship and all) take this opportunity to embrace and execute one of the challenges. Choose one that has been daunting for you fashion wise and make it your own! Will you sink or swim? Stylishly yours, KJ! #chicandclassy #imageconsulting #fashionblogger #januarystylechallenge #chicchallenge

My handsome, Myles and I have way more coordinating looks than one would expect a Momshell and son to have. It is probably a blessing in disguise that we have a little gent as opposed to a debutante. There's no telling what our combined closets would look like.

Plaid. Bow. Scarf. Neon & Nude.

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