KJ & The Case of The Ugly Shirt

The day the hubster, Chris made an honest woman out of me (1/27/05). That slittle sliver of himmery, mint green confection layered underneath the cashmere cardigan was the offending shirt.

Hey chickadee! Thank you so much for checking me out this week. I really appreciate all of the new and organic views last week’s collab post with the hubby got. May as well strike while the iron is hot and continue sharing my fashion experiences with the hubster. Today, I wanted to talk about what I wore the day I got married.

My husband and I are not a traditional couple by any stretch of the imagination. This is even evident from how we met. I saw him in a little lounge in Phoenix, Arizona called Majerle's 9 Lounge. I was wearing this chocolate brown halter top with dusty pink colored polkadots and a dusty pink colored ruffled miniskirt with a pair of dusty pink knock off Timberland stilettos that were popular back then. I am usually a dancer and especially back then I would easily spend 98% of my time on the dance floor. So I was dancing and happened to look over and he caught my eye. He was not what I would consider (at that time) my type, but he made me look twice. I told my girlfriend that I was going to go talk to him and she goes “...no you're not!” but before she even finished her sentence I was by his side. I told him that I thought he was the most attractive thing in the lounge and that's how it all began!

Early in our relationship...the year we were married (2005)

At our masquerade going away party Dayton, OH in 2014

Anyway the day that he proposed I had just gotten done removing these horrid braids from my hair. Not going to lie, I looked a lot like Medusa #yikes. I knew he was up to something because he was texting and calling me a little more than normal that day and really wondering when I was going to see him and what not. So, I finally get to his place looking like who done it and what for and he just kind of pulled out a ring box and asked me if I was “...going to marry him or what?” See what I mean when I say that we are unconventional and not really traditional? Sidenote if your man looks at you and your medusa hair do and still thinks “this is the woman I want to marry” snatch him up and hold on tight, LBVS!

Good times 2011 in Toledo, Ohio

Of course this brings me to the day we were married. We just decided to go down to the justice of the peace. It was not really planned so it was short notice. No, it wasn’t a shotgun wedding, we were just ready to make it official! No one from either of our families was able to be there. We had our military friends who were also stationed in Arizona at the time witness for us. I wore a pair of dark wash boot cut jeans, a pair of black crocodile skin ankle booties from Calvin Klein that he had given me for a Christmas gift and a ivory Cashmere cropped cardi layered over this charmeuse mint green embellished tunic. I absolutely loved this tunic and I received so many compliments any time I wore it. However, I found out years later that he absolutely despised the top. Like he hated the color, the material, the pretty little embellishment at the bustline, the length, rofl!

The Joneses New to Virginia 2015

So the moral of the story is you can look like Medusa and you can wear clothing that physically makes him ill but the things that make you YOU are what make him stay! It's your essence! What were you wearing the day you met your significant other? Stylishly Submitted, KJ

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