Packing Efficiently but Staying FLY!

Pre-Pack: This was all of our (me and this handsome little gent) clothes and shoes for our week long trip

Hey chickadees! So, I am heading out of town this week with my family. As many of you know, my husband (Chris) is a standup comedian. Chris is booked for the weekend at the Dayton Funny Bone so we will be heading out with him. I am excited for him as he gets to perform. I am also excited to see a few of my good friends! We lived in Ohio for 5 years and moved a little over a year ago. Of course, a trip means dun, dun, dunnnnn PACKING! This week, I want to discuss packing efficiently. This particular trip is a little different for me because I am taking a road trip and also sharing my luggage with my toddler. I am not flying this go round but...I will say that I pride myself in the fact that I normally travel with just a carry-on for any trip that's up to a week

Packing is for the birds! It's not easy at is lightweight stressful! The fact of the matter is it's not just throwing items into a suitcase. We are kind of emotionally connected to it because it symbolizes a break from our norm. Of course we want to do it right so we have everything that we need to facilitate the smoothest most enjoyable trip possible. And the other problem is you just never know what will come up, so most people tend to over pack because they just don't know what to expect. I mean you never know, Beyoncé's choreographer may just end up staying in your hotel and need an emergency backup dancer who happens to have a full on catsuit adorned with Swarovski crystals and thigh high stiletto boots and a 30 inch jet black wig with blunt cut bangs. You should be prepared in case someone breaks the “in case of Bey related emergency” glass, right?!

I will admit that I use to pack everything including the kitchen sink (and 30 inch jet black wig with blunt cut bangs) with me on my trips. However, I started traveling a lot more frequently for dance performances and hair and fashion shows which required a lot of strategic packing due to costumes and whatnot. Plus, after 9/11 the airlines started charging for checked bags. I became a pro at packing lightly and efficiently. Does my style suffer as a result? Absolutely not! Have you met me? LOL. All in all I want you to think about when on a trip, how much of your packed belongings stay packed or go unused during the trip? If a high percentage of your things aren't even used you are wasting space, time and energy. And if you are one of those who habitually pays over weight limit fees for your checked bags you're wasting money too, sugar pants!

5 Tips for Packing Light but Staying Fly

  • Create a packing list… I know it's annoying and nobody wants to think or write nowadays. But the key to packing efficiently is to get organized! Making a list (and checking it twice) helps to ensure you won't forget key items!

  • Research! Again, I know it sucks but it's absolutely necessary. You want to research not only the find out what the weather will be like, activities and attractions in the area but you also want to know what is on your personal agenda. It doesn't have to be a stuffy whole planned out trip but you want to have an idea of what you would like to do so you are prepared.

  • Start with shoes! I personally choose my outfits around my shoes. I am not what you would call a practical person when it comes to shoes and clothing in general. But when I'm packing I do aim to choose my most versatile shoe so I can style my outfits around them. I aim to pack one pair of shoes in addition to the pair that I wear traveling. I have found that my nude pointy toe Steve Madden pumps with the ankle strap give me the most bang for my buck.

Post-Pack: I can breath easily again now that our suitcase is packed and organized!

  • Accessorize! Since your shoes are neutral and your outfits are probably going to be in similar shades I absolutely recommend accessorizing your looks. I opt for fun, bold, costume jewelry. Of course depending on what kind of vacation you're taking this may not be practical. Say for instance if you are zip lining through a rainforest you don't need a statement necklace to, well, kill you lol. But if you will enjoy some nights out, brunch, sightseeing or shopping, by all means sass it up!!

  • Utilize the rolling technique! This tip is probably the biggest space saver that I could give regarding packing. I feel like I could pack twice as much when I roll my clothing as opposed to any other folding technique.

Post-Pack For Mommy: 12 outfits, 1 pair of boots, 2 hats, 3 necklaces and undergarments For the Bambino: 8 outfits, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 hats and undergarments

I have 1 billion time and space saving techniques for packing but I hope these 5 get the ball rolling and help you on your next trip! Speaking of, where are you headed for your next trip? Stylishly yours, KJ.

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