It's My BDay; I'll Blog How I Want To

Birthday Outfit: Coral military jacket (thrifted), Birthday Girl tee (Sweet Bohemian Life on Etsy), coral and gray geometric pencil skirt (Target), gray pumps (Steve Madden)

Hey there chickadees! So, today is actually my birthday and I've had a pretty eventful week! I want to thank everyone who voted for me and who shared my post for fashionista of the month. At the time that the polls closed I was leading with 2078 votes! I am still waiting for the official notification of the winner but I will definitely keep you guys posted!

Ok, so in deference to my 37th birthday today, I will share 37 fashion, birthday and/or she/me/her related randoms!

1 I am SO ready to chop my hair off...I feel a new look will open a whole new fashion world for me

2 Are joggers urbany yet sexy, or is it just me?

3 I love footie pjs. My faves came from Family Dollar believe it or not!

4 I want to rock a turban so it looks more turban less hair bonnet

5 I wore black last week and I dare say it's starting to grow on me

6 I think of hair as an accessory

7 I love having variety in my hair looks BUT I hate the salon and cannot do hair.

8 I realize I have way more sneakers than I thought

Cas Style: Dusty pink panama (Charlotte Russe), Nude peplum jacket (thrifted), denim button up (thrifted), rose, dusty pink and gold necklace (Rue 21), boyfriend jeans (thrifted), Dusty pink sneakers (Vera Wang)

9 I am simultaneously too old and too young for how I dress LBVS

10 I so want to sky dive before my 40th birthday

11 Whew lawd I gained 5lbs last month!

12 What is it about a woman's birthday that makes us feel we have to get our skimpiest/sexiest freakum dress out?

13 I am sooooo here for false lashes. So freaking sultry (plus the hubby likes em’!)

14 Super excited to coordinate a fashion show here in my city!

15 There was a time when I was obsessed with corsets and pencil skirts

16 How awesome are blazers? I just love them...dressed up or dressed down!

17 I found amazing deals on jumpsuits and skirts at Charlotte Russe. I mean 5 doll hair great!

18 Rue 21 also had great deals. I got joggers for $2!

19 I have always been a little obsessed with overalls and that has not changed.

20 I know they're on trend and all but can I say that the cape-blazer deal is a “no” for me? It looks cute on others but doesn't work on me.

21 How could I forget to mention that my amazing husband bought me Beyonce tickets for my birthday!?!

22 I will definitely be making myself a peach cobbler for birthday dessert

23 I LOVE birthdays. But especially mine.

24 I absolutely love getting older. I grow wiser each year. And I think I am more fun

25 My husband and I accidentally coordinate looks quite a bit

26 I carry roll up flats with me everyday...started doing it when I lived in Vegas and it has come in handy in cities like DC and NYC. The subway, metro or just walking blocks ain't no joke!

27 People in this small town I live in look at me crazy any time I'm out. l am assuming because my style does not mesh with the natives. I still wear what I want.

28 I cannot get on board with the whole leotard as outerwear trend. It's borderline indecent exposure in most cases

29 I've had fun with tshirts in this last year. And I don't do tees! Who knew?

30 A 2 piece suit shorts set is on my wish list

31 I love pleats. They're so innocent but flirty.

32 I plan to rock jeans, a top, blazer and cute shoes more often. It's really a chic and effortless look. It'll be my go to uniform when I need something quickly.

Tutu on a Tuesday: Navy blue panama (Forever 21), Sunshine yellow cropped bomber jacket (Body Central), navy blue full length tutu (Jazzy B's Remixx Boutique), leopard print opentoe pumps (Jessica Simpson)

33 I'm sure people are over them, but tutus are still having their moment with me (pick yours up at Jazzy B’s Remixx Boutique).

34 I am posting it here so I won't make a liar out of myself, I will be doing a huge closet purge no later than this spring!!!

35 I think I will try to rock wedge sneakers with a bodycon dress for cute but casual look.

Birthday Look 2: Heather gray panama (Express), black boyfriend blazer (thrifted), Birthday Gir tee, gray skinny jeans (thrifted), black and white wedge sneakers (Steve Madden)

36 I am looking forward to African Fashion Week DC. It was amazing last year

37 OMG I AM 37 YEARS FABULOUS TODAY!!! #wonthedoit

OK friends, there you have it; my list of 37 randoms! I hope I didn't bore you. There’s something about growing another year older that makes us reflect on life in general. I am certainly not where I would like to be but I thank God he brought me from where I was and continues to carry me through to where I should be! I look forward to growing older and I actually anticipate my 40th birthday. I love growing older and intend to continue to do so gracefully and stylishly! What do you look forward to in your upcoming year? Stylishly yours, KJ. XOXO

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